Polls: Next Mini-Course, & Meditation Mini-Course Feedback

By Leo Babauta.

Hi everyone … I’d like to thank you for spending the month with me (so far) meditating. It’s been wonderful.

I’m grateful you’re here with me in the Zen Habits Premium Membership program, and want to make it an amazing tool for all of you.

So, I’d like your help! If you could take a minute, please vote on the poll below, and then fill out a short survey on the meditation mini-course.

The poll is basically helping me choose the next mini-course. It will probably be in April or May. Just a couple clicks:

Quick Survey

And to help me improve the mini-courses, I’d love it if you could take 2 minutes to give me some feedback on the mini-course so far (and vote on whether you’d like another live webinar this month):