Quitting a Bad Habit

In this challenge we will go week by week through fundamental things for quitting bad habits – this is an advanced challenge, we assume you already have some fundamental skills in habits.

Challenge Overview

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Week One:

Start our challenge (after watching the overview) by familiarizing yourself with bad habit concept. Choose one and think about it.

Week Two:

This week, we’ll focus on setting up suitably environment, overcoming urges and rationalizations. We will see what replacement habit is. Watch the videos, and do the homework laid out. There is an usefull article on tracking triggers for you to read. Use the Sea Change community and your small team for accountability!

Week Three:

This week, we’ll work with potential obstacles and encouragement. Also, we will see how to cope with difficult emotions. Watch the videos, read an article and implement mindfulness and compassion.

Week Four:

On the last week of this month’s challenge, we will see how to continue. Quitting is not one-time thing but long-term run. Assess yourself.

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