Recipe: Chock-full Oatmeal

Post written by Leo Babauta.

A breakfast I really really love, that’s completely healthy: chock-full oatmeal.

OK, I just invented that term, but “oatmeal” doesn’t do it justice.

It ain’t your instant oatmeal, for one. And it has so much more than oatmeal in it — the oatmeal ends up being a small percentage of the meal, a conduit for more interesting flavors and textures.

It comes in many variations (and I didn’t invent it). Here’s a typical version:

It’s pretty quick to make, very hearty, all kinds of nutrients, not high in calories, filling, delicious.

But this is just one version. There are lots of great things you could add or substitute. I’ve also had things such as:

Not all at the same time. And those are just the things I like. You might have a dozen other things you could add in, and it’ll taste delicious.