Each week on Monday, we do a weekly check-in in the #checkin-monday channel on Slack.

This weekly check-in is powerful, if you stick to it. So make this a deep commitment — check in every week, no matter how you’ve done.

If you do your weekly check-in, you’ll notice a number of important things:

  1. You’ll feel a sense of accountability, and so are less likely to just push something back and avoid thinking about it. This will get you better results.
  2. You’ll notice yourself much more aware of your habitual patterns of putting things off, avoiding thinking about it, rationalizing, etc. as the weeks go on and you continue to report. This awareness comes from doing a weekly review.
  3. You’ll be much more likely to remember to do the habit, because you’ll think about needing to report whether you did it or not.
  4. You’ll deepen your learning about habit change, as each check-in will make things more clear to you and solidify what you’ve notice.
  5. You’ll develop the commitment to keep coming back, even if you falter.

These are incredibly powerful! More than most people realize.

So start this week — go do a check-in on Slack, in the #checkin-monday channel. And set a reminder to do it every Monday from now on!