Hi my friends … I’m writing to share my plans for 2017 for our Sea Change Program, as I’ve been thinking about it for months now and I know many of you are wondering about it.

So here’s what I’m planning … Sea Change is going to be split into three levels, to help me focus on what I think will help people the most:

  1. Basic level ($15/month): This will give you access to the Sea Change library of courses, plus a new challenge every month. We’ll do monthly challenges for mindfulness, exercise, healthy eating, decluttering and more. The challenges will have weekly reporting threads. You’ll also have access to the Habit Zen web app for habit checkins. This lowest level is to give more people access to Sea Change and help them make the changes they want to make.
  2. Gold level ($25/month for new members, current members continue to pay what they’re paying): You’ll get the Sea Change courses and monthly challenges and the Habit Zen web app, plus a monthly live webinar by me. And the ability to submit your questions/problems during the month, and I’ll try to answer them.
  3. Platinum level ($39/month): You’ll get all of the above, plus an accountability group and twice-monthly calls with me. That means in addition to the live webinar, we’ll do an hour-long call, where you can ask questions or discuss your problem. I’ll answer questions but other people can join in too. You’ll be able to hold each other accountable for your changes as well, using a Slack team with weekly or daily check-ins (whatever your group decides is best).

If you’re in Sea Change right now, you’ll get access to the Gold level automatically, at whatever your current price might be. That means as long as you don’t leave the program, you’ll get a lifetime discount on the Gold level. If you leave and then sign up again, you’ll have to pay whatever the going rate is when you sign up.

I’m making these changes because I really think the Platinum level is the best way to make changes, but I have to charge extra for all the extra time this will take me (and my team).

However, I don’t want to charge you for the extra service if you can’t afford it or don’t want it, so I’m creating these three levels to give you more options. I really believe these are three great options that cater to different budgets and needs.

Simplifying the 2017 Plans

Based on member feedback, I’ve decided to make a few changes to simplify things.

I don’t want to overwhelm people with too much to do and keep up with. So I’m going to remove the daily challenges and reminder emails.

The challenges will be just one check-in per week, and I’ll send out content once or twice a week. The exercises that go with lessons will be optional.

So just focus on the content and monthly challenges (with weekly check-ins).

The Habit Zen app will be optional of course, but included with the program. You can join me for the monthly webinar. And if you feel like participating in the forums, you can.

Three Clarifications

The three levels of Sea Change confused some people, so here are a few clarifications:

  1. Price: If you’re a member of Sea Change right now, you’ll automatically be a Gold member … at your current price. So if you’re paying $19 or $10 per month (or whatever you’re paying), you’ll get access to the $25/month Gold level without needing to pay any more. I’ll stress this again: your payment level isn’t going to change. You’ll be a Gold-level member. The prices I shared for each level only apply to people who sign up after Jan. 1, 2017.
  2. Accountability groups on the forum: There are currently accountability groups on the forum. These aren’t going anywhere. The Premium level will include accountability groups on Slack, which is a different platform. I think it will be more engaging, but if you’re already doing accountability groups in the forum, you can keep doing that.
  3. I’ve changed the Platinum level twice-monthly calls … it will be with all Platinum-level members, not your small accountability group. That allows me to only have to do two calls a month, not two calls per accountability group.

Sea Change Content for 2017

So you’re probably wondering what the plans are for Sea Change courses for the next year … and the answer is, it’s up in the air!

In past years, I did a poll and asked you all what habits you wanted to work on, then set the topics for the entire year.

This year, I want to be more flexible. So I’m setting January 2017 as a Month of Mindfulness … but leaving the other months open for now.

That means we’ll figure it out as we go. I’ll poll you every month, but also think about what I believe to be the best topic to focus on. And I’ll give you the option to work on whatever you want, instead of the current topic.

That said, I won’t be creating new courses every month or every six weeks, as I have this past year. It’s been too draining for me. I’m going to leave the current courses open as the “Sea Change Library” and work on adding to the library this year. That means I’ll produce a few new courses, and ask other authors to create some courses too. So there’ll be new stuff, just not as frequent. You’ll always have access to all of it, past and present courses.

What do you think? Discuss here:

Discuss Sea Change Plans for 2017

I’m still open for suggestions. No matter what we do, I’m super excited for a mindful, joyful year of changes in 2017. Let’s do this together!

Oh, and I’m working on having the site redesigned in the next month, the Habit Zen web app is continuing to get better, and I’ll be offering some live in-person seminars in 2017 as well if you want to work with me in person. Lots to come!

Leo Babauta
Sea Change Program