Sea Change FAQ’s

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: Cancel from your account tab.

Q: I didn’t receive the confirmation Email, now what?

A: If you were able to register but never received the confirmation email, please check your Bulk and Spam folders first. The confirmation email should be titled “Confirm Your Membership”. If you can’t locate the email, you can sign up for the email list here.

Q: If I can’t make the live webinars, will they be recorded?

A: Absolutely! All the webinars will be recorded and available for streaming and downloading in the members area.

Q: How do I edit my forum avatar?

A: Option one: Simply go to your profile page through the toolbar on the forum – click “Edit avatar” and then upload a photo there. Option two: Get a Gravatar account.

Q: Why do some of the articles not have links?

A: Any of the articles without a link will be published throughout the month. You’ll be notified via email when these articles are live.