Improvements to Sea Change Program

By Leo Babauta

Hi everyone … I’d like to give you a heads up about some changes that are coming, as we speak, to the Sea Change Program.

  1. Logins will be reset. I’m converting to new membership software, to reduce the frustrations that people have had with logging in, with registration, and with canceling memberships. This new system will be much better, but take note: Starting Wednesday evening (May 21), you’ll be asked to reset your password when you log in. It’s a simple reset link that will send you a reset email, and takes just a minute. This reset is necessary, and it will make your logins more secure and remove future headaches. Thanks for understanding!

  2. New bonuses coming soon. I’m also switching to a new payment system, away from Paypal, which gives me all kinds of problems. I’ll send out another announcement about this in a couple days, but basically you don’t need to switch your payments if you don’t want to, but if you do (it’ll take about 3 steps), you’ll get some massive bonuses from me. What kind of bonuses? My ebooks for free, plus some amazing ebooks on minimalism, business, minimalist workouts and more, from some great authors. This is all free, for the same price you’re paying now, just as a thank you for switching to a new payment system.

  3. Forum tutorial videos. A bunch of you have told me you’re confused about how to use the forums, how to join an accountability group, how to create your own group. So I’ve created some simple video tutorials on the new help page. I hope this helps!

  4. Temporary redesign. I also heard from many of you that the site was hard to navigate. I spent a day working on a redesign that I really like, and that’s live on the site now. But an even better redesign will be coming in a month or two. I can’t wait!

  5. Articles in emails. Lots of you want the articles to be included within the emails I send out, not just a link that takes you to the article on the website. I’ve heard you and am implementing this change immediately, for all future articles.

Thank you all for your great feedback! It’s been really helpful, and I’m working on more improvements to address your other concerns.