Sea Change Plans for June & July

Post written by Leo Babauta.

After two months of The Mindful Diet course, it’s time for a break! In June we’ll be taking a breather, giving you a month to renew habits that you dropped in previous months, or sustain the ones you’ve created.

So if you did the meditation habit course, and did great in February but then dropped it in March, you can restart it in June. Or perhaps you started the mindful eating habit for a week or two, but didn’t stick to it — this is a good month to give it a second shot. If you’ve done great with Mindful Diet habits but want to focus on sustaining and expanding them, this is a good month. We’ll have articles & videos on those topics.

Exercise: I’ll also talk a bit this month about exercise. It’s an important component of a healthy lifestyle, and while I won’t go into too much depth this month (I’ll save that for a future course), this is a good new habit to form if you feel you’re doing great with the others.

Habit tracker: So pick a habit to focus on this month, and log into the June habit tracker! We’ll track habits as a group this month, though we’ll each have our own habit to focus on. I’ve found the group accountability method a great way to help motivate yourself to stick to a habit.

Unprocrastination Course in July

July will be a big month! We’re tackling everyone’s favorite problem, procrastination. And yes, I know … you’ll put off doing the course until later! :)

I’m preparing the Unprocrastination course now and expect it to be one of the best yet. I’m going to open registration for the Sea Change program (and the Unprocrastination course) in the middle of June at $24.99 per month, and those of you who are already Sea Change members will be able to keep your lower $19.99 monthly rate for as long as you stay in the program.

I’d love your help in preparing the Unprocrastination course — I’m going to send out a survey soon to help me shape the course, and I’d be very happy if you could take a few minutes to answer the questions so I can make the course awesome for you.

I’m really looking forward to the course!

Leo’s Big European Trip

I’m preparing for a 3-week trip this summer with Eva and the kids — it should be quite an adventure. We’re going to Rome, Florence, Bologna, Cinque Terre, Antibes (France), and Barcelona. Whew!

We’re leaving just after the middle of June, will be back on July 12, so it’s more than 3 weeks. If any of you are in those cities, I’d be open to getting a coffee or glass of wine, chatting, learning about your local language and culture. Drop me a line in the forum, in the Questions & Suggestions for Leo section.

Anyway, for you guys in Sea Change, there shouldn’t be much noticeable difference. I’m preparing some materials for the end of June, while I’m on vacation, and will have the Unprocrastination course ready to launch while I’m gone (yes, this means I can’t procrastinate on creating the materials!). Dean, the Zen Habits Creator of Smiles, will be on hand to handle problems and put the materials out to all of you.

It should be great! Can’t wait. Thanks everyone.