Sea Change, Version 2

Post written by Leo Babauta.

The Sea Change Program here at Zen Habits is taking on a new incarnation!

While the old version had a mishmash of full-blown courses on different topics, webinars, random articles, forums, challenges and more, this new version will be streamlined and sleekified.

The new Sea Change program does one thing: it gives you a very simple plan to make one change a month.

How will we do that? Here’s how it works:

  1. We’ll pick one thing to change each month. I’m calling these monthly “modules”. We’ll have a different module with a different focus each month, such as debt or clutter or meditation or exercise or procrastination. Sea Change members will vote on what the focus will be for the next month. If you don’t want to do what everyone else is doing, you can pick your own habit and modify the plan to suit your needs.
  2. You’ll get a plan. Each module will have a plan with a few simple steps you need to follow during the month to create the new change.
  3. You’ll get accountability. At the moment, the accountability tool is the challenge forum, where you post to the accountability thread each day to tell us whether you did your habit or not. We’re exploring other accountability tools.
  4. We’ll email you regularly. You’ll get a reminder to stick to your habit every 2-3 days. No excuses!
  5. You’ll get articles to help you. I’ll publish 2-4 articles each month on that month’s module topic.
  6. One webinar. There will be one webinar in the middle area of each month, on that month’s module topic.

And that’s it! A new module each month, selected by you guys (Sea Change members vote on the next month’s module).

New Price: $9.99

Important: The price for the Sea Change program has dropped to $9.99, and I highly recommend you use the “Subscribe” button here to change your Paypal subscription from the old price to the new one ($9.99):

This is not a new subscription — it modifies your existing subscription down to $9.99. Changes will take effect in the next billing cycle — you shouldn’t be charged right away.

First Module in December

I’m launching Sea Change v2 with the first module, A Month of Letting Go, as voted on by all of you. It will be available only to current Sea Change members. Read about this month’s module here.

It’s important that you give me feedback! I’ll be asking for feedback during the month, in different ways, and I’d love it if you could give me you input. You’ll help me shape and improve this program.

Important: Old Sea Change Courses

I’m going to be taking down the old Sea Change courses and other content by the end of December, so if there’s a course or articles or webinars you want to use later, please save them to your computer this month. They won’t be available after this year. You guys, the current members, are the only ones who have access to that, but it’s only until the end of 2012, so save them now!