Self Compassion Challenge

This is one of the most powerful practices in the program — along with mindfulness, it helps all other habit changes. It addresses the fundamental difficulty most of us have — we think there’s something wrong with us, and we beat ourselves up.

Challenge Overview

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Week One:

This week, start by reading the overview, the habit plan and the article on the Self-Compassion Session. Optional: Watch the video lesson on the narratives we have about ourselves.

Week Two:

This week, continue the self-compassion sessions each day. In addition, watch two crucial video lessons — on seeing your pain and practicing loving-kindness.

Week Three:

This week, it’s important to keep practicing the self-compassion sessions every day. Also read about when it’s the other person’s fault, and watch the lesson on seeing your goodness. Optional: Watch the lesson on touching your tender heart.

Week Four:

This week, finish by reading about continuing the habit, and watch the lesson on practicing gratitude. Optional: watch the lesson on trusting your goodness.

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