By Leo Babauta

As we wrap up the month, let’s review what we’ve learned about changing our healthy eating habits … and talk about where to go from here.

You’ve likely had varying degrees of success with your eating habits — some of you have done well by changing a few small habits, one at a time … while others struggled with more difficult eating habits. The lesson here is that small habits are much easier to change than difficult ones, so do one at a time, as easy a change as possible, and succeed. Or if you fail, adjust and try again.

We’ve likely seen that eating habits can be difficult to stick to, and it takes time and patience. But I’ve shown, and have seen others prove, that long-term change is possible if you stick with it.

So you’ve made a couple of changes, perhaps … but you’re still far from where you want to be. What now?

Now, we begin a slow shift to a healthy long-term diet.

How to Shift

If you’ve read any of the materials so far, you know much of my answer to how to shift:

Those are the methods I’ve found to work, for me and for many others I’ve coached.

What Changes to Make

OK, you want to continue making small changes, but what do you change? Here are my long-term recommendations, based on lot of research (a good start):

The trick is to eat more real, whole foods, cook more, make plants the center of your diet. But don’t demonize any foods — you can have anything, as long as the less healthier stuff is in moderation.

Keep in mind that these are just my recommendations, based on my research of the evidence. What I’m recommending won’t work for everyone, so talk to a doctor, do your own research, try foods and see what works for you.