Simplify Your Day Module Plan

By Leo Babauta

For the Simplify Your Day module, we have a general plan, with different focuses each week. Here’s the general plan:

  1. Join the challenge on Lift. You’ll need to sign up for Lift to join (if you’re not already a member).
  2. Have a trigger for your habit — something you already do every day. Examples: waking up, drinking your first cup of coffee, eating breakfast, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, leaving for work, arriving at work, etc. For this challenge, I suggest whatever trigger happens when you first start work — opening your laptop or arriving at the office, for example.
  3. Have reminders based on this trigger. The best ones are in the physical place that the trigger happens — if it’s your laptop, put a sign on your laptop to remind you. Calendar reminders are good too, but as backups to the physical reminders.
  4. Do the habit when your trigger (and reminder) happens. Every day. It only needs to take a minute or two.
  5. Report your success on Lift — check-in for that habit, so it’s logged and others can see it. Also encourage others in the challenge with props and encouraging comments.

Again, each week the habit will have a different focus, where you’ll say “No” to:

Week 1: Commitments

Each day, take just one small step:

Example of commitments:

Week 2: Non-essential Appointments & Tasks

Each day this week, take just one small step:

Week 3: Distraction-free block

Each day this week, do the following:

Week 4: Single-task and Slow Down

Each day this week, you’ll focus on: