We’ve created a community on Slack for our Sea Change Program, and it is thriving! It’s the place where you can get accountability, support, and be a part of our monthly challenges.

Join using this link (you’ll need to enter your email address, then check your email for the verification email):

Join the Sea Change Slack Community

GET THE APPS: Once you’re in, download the app to your computer and get it on your phone as well.

FIRST STEPS: Go to the #0start-here channel and watch tutorials and see how to join a small team. Then say hello in the #community-shares channel, and join this month’s challenge channel (listed under “Channels” to the left).

TUTORIAL: Watch a tutorial here:

JOIN A SMALL TEAM: Get on a small team by with a private channel (6-7 people per team) by going to the #0start-here channel to see how to join a small team. Or join one of the open teams, which are on the public channels and devoted to a specific topic (#wake-early-team, for example, or #meditation).

Join us today with this link!

Once you do, please watch this video on the power of joining a small team.