April and May: The Mindful Diet healthy eating course

  1. Getting Started with The Mindful Diet
  2. What is Mindful Eating?
  3. Video: Learning to eat mindfully
  4. Choosing a Healthy Eating Habit to Change
  5. 10 Ways to Easily Add Real Food to Your Diet, by Kath Younger, RD of Kath Eats
  6. The Mindful Diet recipes, from Jules Clancy of Stone Soup and Leo
  7. Turn Off Your Stress Switch Before You Eat, by Mike Bundrant of Healthy Times
  8. Video interview: Mindful eating with Zen priest Susan O’Connell of the San Francisco Zen Center
  9. Success story: Stephanie Wetzel’s Weight Loss Story
  10. Webinar: The Mindful Diet with Leo Babauta (this is the recording of the webinar), held on Wed. April 4.
  11. Audio interview: Healthy cooking with Jules Clancy
  12. Changing diet habits
  13. The Optimal Diet
  14. How to Beat Sugar and Carb Cravings, by Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple
  15. Dealing with emotional eating issues
  16. Video interview: Tea and Mindful Eating with Jesse Jacobs of Samovar Tea Lounge
  17. Video interview: Losing Bodyfat with Leo & Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend
  18. Webinar: Vegetarianism & Mindful Eating, with Matt Frazier of No Meat Athlete, and Leo Babauta.
  19. Dealing with eating in social situations and travel


  1. Mindful Diet: Plans for May
  2. Your May Healthy Habits
  3. Webinar: Healthy Eating – with Leo Babauta. Recording now available here.
  4. Losing Weight, Gaining Muscle, and Getting Healthy
  5. Simple, Frugal & Healthy
  6. How to Beat Food Addictions
  7. Webinar: Beyond the Mindful Diet – with Leo Babauta. Tues., May 29, 2012 at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern on the Zen Habits Ustream Channel. Passowrd is seafoam.