Uncover Your Awesomeness Course Overview

Post written by Leo Babauta.

Welcome to the Uncover Your Awesomeness Course! As I’ve said, this is the most important course I’ve ever created. In this overview I’ll tell you why, and then tell you what to expect in the course.

Let’s start by looking at why this course is so important — and we’ll back up a bit first by looking at some of my other courses in comparison.

My other courses have focused on changing habits: exercise, meditation, eating, clutter, procrastination, debt, and so on. This is important stuff, and most people don’t know how it’s done, but really they only scratch the surface of why people are having problems. They don’t get at the root of the problems.

The truth is, there’s really only one root problem, and it affects all areas of your life: unhappiness with yourself in some form. If you’re not happy with yourself, you’ll end up trying to find happiness in external things or people, and that will cause problems. People try to find happiness in food, in their relationships, in shopping, in drugs and alcohol, in smoking, in owning things, in going to exciting things, in travel.

When you try to find happiness in food, you develop eating problems, and changing your eating habits becomes difficult — where will you then find happiness? Most people don’t have a good answer to this.

When you try to find happiness in your lover, or your kids, and they don’t live up to your ideals, then what? You’re unhappy all the time, except when the fantasy comes true a little of the time.

When you try to find happiness in work, and things don’t go as you’d like, or you have a boss or coworker who is less than ideal, you become unhappy. Then life sucks.

The list goes on. If you seek happiness in external sources, you’ll have a hard time making changes in your life — being happy in a relationship, or being healthy, or getting rid of debt, or being happy with yourself.

So that’s what Uncover Your Awesomeness will address: the root problems of self-unhappiness, insecurities, and not being happy with life in general. In truth, we all have these problems. All of us.

What to Expect

In this course, we’ll go into these topics and more:

This is the starting list of topics, but it may grow or change as the course goes on, as I discover what you need. I’ll be asking you to share what problems you have that I can help with, and your needs will shape the course.