Uncover Your Awesomeness Webinar 1

Post written by Leo Babauta.

In today’s webinar, I gave an overview of the course, and what we’ll be focusing on each of the three months … along with why I decided to create the course, and why I think it’s the most important course I’ve ever created.

I also talked a bit about the solution to the core problem of self-unhappiness: radical acceptance. This is something we’ll cover in more depth as the course goes on, and it’s central to everything we’ll be doing.

I answered a number of questions about happiness, goals, motivation, stopping the self-loathing of your body, tackling clutter and a hugely messy house when you’re fatigued, and more.

I apologize in advance for the recording below … I had some technical problems. At first, the video was pixelized due to my computer issues … and then the video froze altogether, so the webinar was almost all audio with no video. Very sorry my friends, but thanks for your understanding!

Watch/listen to the webinar below, or download here to watch on your iPad/iPhone or later on your computer.
Password for the video below is sealion.