By Leo Babauta

We have a little less than two weeks left in the Unprocrastination module, so that means re-evaluating and adjusting our plan …

Here’s what I recommend based on where you are:

  1. Haven’t done the habit yet: That’s OK! Just start now. Today. With a 2-5 minute Unprocrastination Session. Just pretend the first part of this month doesn’t count, and you’re starting from square one. A fresh start. Set reminders, make a commitment. You can do this!
  2. Haven’t done very well (3 or fewer days per week): That’s totally fine … it just means you need to make an adjustment. If you’ve been trying to do 10-minute Unprocrastination Sessions so far, lower the target amount to 5 minutes. If you’ve been doing 5 minutes, lower it to 2 minutes. Also, make the tasks a bit easier — don’t take on your hardest tasks. Just easy, small tasks you can knock out quickly. After a week of doing better, you can go a little longer or do slightly harder tasks. Finally, make an adjustment to your commitment level: really commit to accountability with a group or another person, and promise to do something embarrassing if you fail to do 5 out of 7 days this week.
  3. Things are going well (4-5 days per week): Great! Now try to get 6 out of 7 days this week. You can do that by increasing your commitment (see above).
  4. I’m kicking butt (6-7 days per week): Awesome! Now continue that success but increase the challenge a slight amount this week, then another slight amount next week if you continue to do well this week. Two ways to increase the challenge: go a few minutes longer during your sessions, or do slightly more challenging tasks. For example, if you’ve been doing easy tasks during your Unprocrastination Sessions, finally take on those bigger tasks you’ve been putting off. But only if you’re sure you’re going to succeed! Make continued success your goal.
  5. Advanced unprocrastinator (have done this module before, it’s easy): You rock. Now try to either do multiple Unprocrastination Sessions each day (2-5 of them are possible), or take on the hardest tasks on your list, things you’ve been putting off for ages. Or both! Just make sure you continue to succeed, and adjust if you don’t.

You can see a pattern here: if you’re missing some days, that’s a sign you need to adjust by lowering the target time for each session, doing easier tasks, or increasing your commitment. If you’re doing awesome, then you can increase the challenge slightly by doing longer sessions, harder tasks, or even more sessions if that’s doable for your level.

Make adjustments each week based on how you do. This is the purpose of the Weekly Reviews!

To your continued success.