Our Sea Change webinars are one of the most important features of this program.

I’d like you to take two quick actions right now:

  1. Add the Sea Change webinar calendar to your calendar — they’re on the 2nd Thursday of each month. See next section below.
  2. Download & install Zoom software to access the webinars.

Please read on for more!

Step 1: Add Webinars to Your Calendar

I’ve created a calendar with the Sea Change webinars. Use the link below to add it to your calendar.

Action: Add Webinars to Your Calendar

It’s important to note a couple things:

  1. The webinars are set for the 2nd Thursday of each month at the same time.
  2. If for some reason I change the date/time, I will let you know, but it will also be automatically updated on your calendar.
  3. The webinars will be held on Zoom, using the same Zoom link each month (more below).

Step 2: Download & Install Zoom Software

We are hosting the webinars on Zoom, which is a video meeting software.

You can install it for your computer or phone, and it’s important that you download & install it before the webinar:

Action: Download & Install Zoom

Also create a free account once you install it.

The Zoom link is here: https://zoom.us/j/710706370

It’s pretty easy to use: you just click on the Zoom link in the webinar event from the calendar above, and it will take you to the Zoom software. Or open the Zoom app/software and paste the Zoom link and you’ll go to the meeting.

I recommend using it on your computer, with a decent Internet connection. You’ll need to give it access to your computer’s camera and microphone if you want to talk (also recommended), but it’s not required to attend. You can ask questions in the chat area.

Here’s a quick tutorial: