By Leo Babauta

In this webinar, I discussed why it’s great to have a coach to learn a new skill … and how to become your own habit coach.

I mentioned the qualities of a good coach:

  1. Make it easy to get started – small, actionable steps
  2. Manage your emotions – give you successes, adjust if you feel like you’re failing
  3. Watch what you’re doing and give you feedback to correct
  4. Teach you key principles
  5. Give you a little bit of guidance/certainty
  6. Gives you accountability & reminders
  7. Pushes you to get through a bit of discomfort & laziness

How to become your own coach:

  1. Give yourself small steps to get started
  2. Give yourself small successes, and if you have failures or are feeling discouraged, give yourself easier successes to get back on track
  3. Watch yourself daily and during the weekly review, adjust your plan if you’ve been missing days with your habit
  4. Learn the key principles from me, from other experts, and through your own trial and error
  5. You won’t get guidance by yourself, but through trial and error, you’ll learn that you don’t need it, and that uncertainty is OK
  6. You can set up your own reminders, and add accountability from others
  7. You can push yourself through discomfort, a little at a time

Watch the webinar recording below, or download the video or just the audio.