Webinar: Working with Expectations Throughout the Day

By Leo Babauta

In this webinar on Working with Expectations, I give a talk on the key skills for working with expectations, along with some examples of how I work with them during my typical day.

In this webinar, I discussed:

The point of this module is not to have ZERO expectations — it’s to not be so attached to them, and to see when they’re causing us harm, and to let them go when they are.

This means a few things:

  1. Becoming more aware of when we’re having expectations of anything – this is difficult because we don’t usually know it’s happening
  2. Becoming more aware of the effects of the expectations — this is a little easier, with practice, because we can see the signs, like anger or frustration
  3. Learning that we don’t need to hold onto expectations, and we can let them go
  4. Learning what it’s like to work without expectations

A few examples in one of my typical days:

  1. My kids left a mess
  2. I’m worried what people will think of my new post
  3. I have lots of customer issues to deal with as we transition to a new membership system
  4. I have a conflict with my wife — my first response is to be mad, and wish that she wouldn’t act that way … then I examine my expectations, and try tossing them into the ocean

I also answered a number of questions about expectations and goals, work projects, improving a situation, other people, and more.

Watch the video below of the webinar, or download the video or just the audio.