By Leo Babauta

In this webinar, I talked about the things I’ve found most important for a fit lifestyle. (See notes below.)

I also answered questions about:

Webinar Notes

Here are the notes from my talk (video is below the notes):

A. Intro: My fitness journey

B. What is fitness:

C. Best practices:

  1. Combine strength & cardio
  2. Combine intensity with medium length
  3. Injury prevention is key – form and gradual increase
  4. Gradual building up – allows your body to adapt – gradually build up endurance, but also gradually progress in weights
  5. Learn form from somebody who knows what they’re doing
  6. Manage stress & rest – learn auto-regulation (listen to your body)
  7. Add fun activities
  8. Fuel with veggies, healthy proteins, good fats, complex carbs
  9. Change things up every 2-3 months, or at least every 6 months, unless you have a hard-core goal
  10. Strength training: key lifts – squat, deadlift, bench, chin-up (plus overhead press, dips, rows) – with progressive overload
  11. Grease the groove – every day, multiple times a day
  12. Add challenges if needed to inspire you and people around you
  13. Be mindful in every workout

The Webinar Recording

You can watch the video below or download the video here (or just download the audio):