By Leo Babauta

In this webinar, I shared a recent couple days of unhealthy eating, and how I dealt with it. Then I shared the following tips:

  1. Don’t diet. How many of you have tried a diet? How many of you are still on it? How many did it after 3 or 4 months?
  2. Instead, change normal gradually.
  3. When you’re tired, you don’t eat well.
  4. Make choices when you’re rational.
  5. Start to learn what makes you feel good and bad. Calculate net value.
  6. Change your environment.
  7. Adopt a flexible mindset — one or two unhealthy days won’t kill you … the important thing is learning and starting again.
  8. See when your mind rebels.
  9. Be driven by learning and love, not dissatisfaction.
  10. Find ways to address your bad feelings other than eating.
  11. Re-learn social habits. And travel habits.
  12. Slow is your friend.

Then I answered some questions from members, including:

Watch the video below, or download the video to watch on your device, or download the audio.