By Leo Babauta

In this webinar, I talked about how my meditation practice helped me through my dad’s recent illness and death. Then I shared some practical meditation tips (and later answered some questions):

  1. Get your butt on cushion – all that matters is starting. Even if you don’t do it for very long, even if you’re not very focused, just form the habit of starting your meditation each day.
  2. The habit is more important than results. This month, you probably won’t get the results you imagined. That’s OK. All you need is the habit, and the results will come over time.
  3. You don’t have to be good at following your breath – the point is to see what your mind is doing.
  4. Watch your expectations. You might get frustrated if you have expectations about meditation that aren’t met.
  5. Busy is the most important time to meditate. Often people skip meditation because they have a lot to do. This is the best time to meditate, actually, even if it’s for just one minute.
  6. Fingertip of your attention — different places to put it. Entrance of your nose, back of your throat, your lungs, your stomach, up and down your body.
  7. Meditation is practice for mindfulness in other activities. What you see when you meditate is actually what happens the rest of the day, and you can notice what happens in your mind the rest of the day — when someone irritates you, when you are stressed out, when you can’t sleep.
  8. What to do when your mind wanders. Don’t judge yourself, just see it. Return to the breath. Repeat.
  9. Be present with what is. Whatever is happening in your mind, your body, and all around you — this is the reality of the present moment. Just be there with all of that, instead of wishing it were different.
  10. See that thoughts are like clouds. They pass. So do your feelings. So do unpleasant and uncomfortable sensations. If you can see these as passing clouds, you won’t be so subject to their whims.

Questions I answered included:

I also mentioned Bodhipaksa, who you can find here.

Watch the webinar recording below, or download the video or just the audio.