Webinar Recording: 10 Practical Meditation Tips

By Leo Babauta

In this webinar, I gave 10 practical meditation tips, and answered questions on meditation and habits.

  1. Pick a time each morning (or evening). Actually, I find doing it first thing when you wake up is best. Have anything you need ready to go, so all you need to do is get up and sit down.
  2. Just focus on getting your butt on the cushion. That’s the most important part for forming the habit. What comes next is not nearly as important.
  3. Suspend all judgment. Let the meditation space be a judgment-free zone. You should try to focus on your body and breath, but if your mind wanders, or you aren’t as focused as you’d like, forgive yourself. Let yourself just be, without feeling bad about what you do or think, for the short time you sit.
  4. Act on the 3rd urge.
  5. Align your spine. Ears, shoulders, hips should be aligned. It’s good to feel that balance — it’s a part of being aware of your body, in the moment.
  6. Watch your thoughts. Label them.
  7. Count your breaths.
  8. Be accountable, and report.
  9. Let go of expectations, goals, outcomes. The process is the goal.
  10. Smile. Enjoy the moment.

And learn to let go, and to refocus.

Watch the video below, or download the video or audio to watch or listen to on your computer or mobile device.

Password for the video is seaoflove.