By Leo Babauta

In this webinar, I talked about the problems of procrastination (as illustrated by my own life), and obstacles and their solutions:

The Problems of Procrastination:

Obstacles to overcoming procrastination:

  1. Feeling overwhelmed, or task is too hard – small chunks, make it easy on yourself
  2. Feeling like you aren’t up to it – practice daily in small doses
  3. Feeling like it won’t make a difference (hopeless) because you have too much to do, and small chunks won’t work — build the habit, which is much better than not doing anything (and you can do multiple sessions a day) – also focus on the Next Action
  4. Letting yourself off the hook — be mindful of these rationalizations, and build the habit of work-reward instead of just reward. Also start with some accountability.
  5. Will tackle procrastination tomorrow! or also: Feeling like it’s not worth it — see the ways it’s hurting you, and see this as an act of compassion toward yourself.
  6. Starting — make it easier — it will only take a minute to start!
  7. Too many things that are a priority — create sessions for different priorities
  8. Staying focused — mindful pause, practice awareness, putting yourself in a box
  9. Too tired — just do a little today, and get some rest; your procrastination and lack of focus is actually causing you to be tired; you need some mental space, exercise, meditation, and sleep
  10. Tasks you hate: use it as a mindfulness practice, and feel good about getting moving on something that is causing you stress

I also answered questions about:

Watch the webinar recording below, or download the video or just the audio.