By Leo Babauta

In this webinar, I go over exercises to build self-discipline and I answered some awesome questions.

I’ve broken this webinar recording into two parts:

  1. Part I – My Talk: Exercises to build self-discipline. (See notes)
  2. Part II – Questions & Answers: I answered questions dealing with messing up a streak, choosing a self-discipline habit to build, interval training, doing challenges that don’t seem appealing and more!

Part I: Leo’s Talk (with notes)

You can download this video here, or download just the audio. Or watch below.

Here are the notes from my talk (video is below the notes):

Exercises to build self-discipline:

We are using the analogy of building a muscle. We are not actually building a muscle but we are building is new neural pathways. We are asking our brain to change paths and go left instead of right. This requires us to consciously choose this new path over and over. It will become more engrained the more times we choose it. In doing so, we are training ourselves, much like we build muscles. Exercises do help.

Our default is to procrastinate and go towards distractions. There can be many legitimate reasons that stop us from going left. Sickness, visitors, kids, work projects, travel, and family things come up causing us to go to the right. But, there is one neural pathway we want to train out. It is the path that tells us just to give up and always go right because we missed at going left. Instead, we want to train to come back and start again. Keep training. Don’t give up!

How do we train ourselves to start again?

Retraining yourself may sound like a lot of work, but you can do it. If you fail, retrain yourself to start again. That is key.

Part II: Questions and Answers

You can download this video here, or download just the audio. Or watch below.

Questions answered in this video: