Webinar: Unprocrastination Mindset

Post written by Leo Babauta.

In our first Unprocrastination webinar (on Fri. July 13, 2012), I talked about learning to trust yourself when it comes to commitments you make to yourself. This is the heart of beating procrastination, which really is breaking commitments you make to yourself.

More notes from the talk are below.

Watch the video below, or download the mp4 here to watch later on your computer or iPad/iPhone.

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Some things to do:
1. Make an actual promise — it makes it meaningful.
2. Make this promise important — write it down and remind yourself.
3. Do everything in your power to do it, without fail.
4. When you notice yourself making excuses, tell yourself, No excuses!
5. Ask yourself, Do I want to be someone who doesn’t fulfill promises to myself, or do I want to be a person who always does?
6. When you do it, recognize it.

This trust means you’ll actually develop the habits, and actually do the tasks you promise yourself you’ll do, instead of procrastinating.