What is the Sea Change Program?

Post written by Leo Babauta.

For those of you who joined the Zen Habits Premium Membership program, you might have noticed that I’ve recently renamed it to the Zen Habits Sea Change Program. And that might be confusing to some of you.

Don’t worry — it’s the same program, just with a new direction and a new name. And you’re already enrolled — nothing has changed.

For those of you who are new, welcome!

This article will tell you a little bit about why I changed the name, about the new direction, and what a Sea Change is in this context.

What’s a Sea Change?

The term comes from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, in which the airy spirit Ariel sings a haunting song to a shipwrecked sailor. She refers to his drowned father, whose bones are now coral and eyes are now pearls.

He has gradually transformed, and though his form remains the same, his substance is completely different.

This is how my life has changed. Though outwardly, I look like much the same person (though perhaps leaner, not as chubby as seven years ago), the actual substance of my life and mind are completely different. I am healthier, happier, more content, more confident in my ability to affect change, to change habits, to deal with change as it comes.

How did I accomplish this sea change? Gradually, one change at a time. The things I learned from my first small change led to the next change. Each change was minor, but over time little things in my life were replaced with better elements, until seven years later I’m a completely different person and my life doesn’t resemble its former self at all.

This has been a sea change for me, and I’m grateful to be able to share what I’ve learned with all of you.

The New Name and New Direction

I changed the name of this program from the Zen Habits Premium Membership to the Zen Habits Sea Change Program … mostly because I didn’t like the exclusive sound of the former name, but also because I wanted it to reflect what the program would help people do (if they put the ideas into action of course).

And so I changed the name, but all former members (who haven’t unsubscribed) are still members of the new program, and you won’t notice many immediate changes.

It’s not just a name change, though. The program will be more focused on helping you create sea changes in your own lives, rather than just a general “Zen Habits” membership area.

We’ll take things slowly, so don’t expect an overnight transformation. That’s not what the Sea Change Program is about. It’s about lasting change, a real transformation, not quick fixes or short-term results. So we’ll do small changes, one at a time. This takes time and patience, but if you see the change as an enjoyable process, you won’t want to stop making the changes, and the longer process will be one of joy.

What’s in Store

How will I help you create sea change? By sharing how I changed, in articles, videos and webinars. By bringing in some of the people who inspired me, and other experts. By holding mini-courses every 2-4 months on specific topics, to create change as a group (one of the most powerful methods for change in my experience). By allowing you to tell me what you need, what problems you’re facing, what questions I can answer.

I’ll have monthly webinars, videos, articles, guest experts. We have a forum where you can ask questions and support each other.

And if you have suggestions, you can post questions/suggestions using this tool, or email them privately to zenhabits at gmail.com, which is manned by Dean, the Zen Habits Creator of Smiles. He’s always on hand to help if you have problems as well.

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