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This is the final lesson in living the simple life. I hope you have had an amazing month so far and have attempted to simplify different areas of your life. Whether you are consistent or not, it doesn’t matter. The idea is to start and continue past this month.

We will take a look of what we learned already and distilling them into keys.

Key Principles

  1. Take a look at one bite-sized chunk of an area of your life. Face that with open eyes and an open heart. Ask if this thing is cluttering your life up or making things harder and more stressful. Does it cost you money or time? Or is it essential? Does this belong in your life or let go of? Make room for what is important or let it go.
  2. Make this an enjoyable process. Enjoy the simplicity and breathing space. Having space cleared out with peace and mindfulness is a beautiful thing. It is not a perfection of emptiness. You are making space for what really matters. Enjoy the space to do the things that we care about. If you clear out the nonessential things, you now can enjoy the process of simplifying. Not only the result of the process, but the process itself becomes enjoyable.
  3. Take a look at habits and whether they lead to simplicity or clutter. Does your habit bring you joy and better finances? Look at habits of distraction and procrastinating. Does your habit of decluttering and meditating lead to simplicity? Examine the habits we have and whether they lead to simplicity or more complexity.

Every now and then, revisit all the areas of your life and ask yourself these questions.

One at a time, revisit the habit. How can you declutter the bedroom, finances, or emails?

I encourage you to look at these three keys in your life and see what you can do going forward with these in mind.