Webinar Recording: Sacred Bow

December challenge, and the last one for Sea Change program, is a Sacred Bow. his webinar was special because for the first time, we came as one – Fearless Warriors, Sea Changers and FLA united in this call. As usual, we started with mindfulness practice, then Leo’s talk and finished with some Q&A. Part I: […]

Webinar Recording: Key Ideas for Setting Intentions for Next Year

In this webinar, we talk about the problems that come up with our goals, resolutions and intentions for the New Year, and key ideas for addrssing those. I also answered some great questions from members. I’ve broken this webinar recording into two parts: Part I – My Talk: About the problems of setting goals for […]

2. Webinar Recording: Creating Structure for Your New Year Intentions

In this previous webinar from 2018, I talked about tackling the problem of failing to stick to our goals and resolutions … and how to structure our lives so that those intentions are held and not just dropped. I’ve broken the webinar into two parts: 1) my talk, with video and notes, and then the […]

3. Letting Go Videos: Intention & Appreciating the Moment

I’ve recorded two videos to help with letting go. Letting go can be a difficult thing, so these two methods are intended to help overcome these difficulties: Setting intentions takes 10-20 seconds, but helps you find the motivation to do hard things. Appreciate the moment helps you loosen your grip on whatever you’re holding onto. […]

3. Webinar: The Lifetime Practice of Letting Go

In this webinar from a previous year, I talked about the benefits of letting go, including numerous examples of how it helped me change my habits, and how to practice. I addressed questions about letting go of regrets, resentment, desires and more. Watch the video above or download here to watch on your mobile device.

3. Webinar Recording: Seeing the Patterns That Sabotage Self-Discipline

In this webinar from a previous challenge, we talk about the patterns that get in the way of our self-discipline efforts, and how to deal with them. I’ve broken this webinar recording into two parts: Part I – My Talk: I share one of the most important things we can do to improve our self-discipline […]

2. Video Lesson: Dealing with Obstacles

Let’s continue Week 4 of the Balance Work & Rest Advanced Challenge. Difficulties in creating rest and balance. Feeling that it is not ok – whatever we do. It comes from the fear that is trained in us. Give yourself full permission to want/need what you want/need. Own it. Give yourself full permission to rest […]

1. Video Lesson: Creating Rest in Each Moment

Welcome to Week 4 of the Balance Work & Rest Advanced Challenge. Generally we see work and rest as a binary thing – work on one side and rest on the other. “Either or” kind of thing. Could you see them as same activity? Solitude or work more? Practice of resting. As you watch this […]