December challenge, and the last one for Sea Change program, is a Sacred Bow. his webinar was special because for the first time, we came as one – Fearless Warriors, Sea Changers and FLA united in this call.

As usual, we started with mindfulness practice, then Leo’s talk and finished with some Q&A.

Part I: Leo’s talk

Leo talked about what Sacred Bow process is, what can get in our way and how to work with that. Thing that get’s in our way is we say we will do it and not making the time to do it and at the end not doing it at all.

Sacred Bow is the way to close up the year. Review and what we can let go of. Check out how Leo is doing it.

What can get in our way? We set the time, date, day, afternoon, noon, morning, night…. scheduled time came but instead of doing what we are suppose to, we did something else (checking emails, scrolling Facebook, etc.). Why? Behind this urge to do something else is fear. Instead of fear see it as an opportunity! Whatever it might be to light you up! Notice what happens there.

Enrollment and commitment to the structure – we ca enroll ourselves into anything – pushing ourselves through fear! Listen to Leo’s inspiring example, what it means for him and how he do it.

Ask yourself: What becomes possible to you?

Review your year.

Watch above, or watch here on Vimeo.

Part II: Q&A