By Leo Babauta

OK, let’s talk about what this 30-Day Learning Challenge is all about … I’ve recorded a video for you here:

You can also download the mp4 to watch on your device/computer.


In the video, I tell you the 3 main reasons we’re doing this challenge:

  1. Tackling the thing you’ve been wanting to learn for a long time now
  2. Forming the regular habit of learning
  3. Practicing effective learning techniques

And I talk about the way we usually tackle learning:

We’ll be looking at some better methods:

Some ideas for forming the habit:

  1. Set a daily practice/study session – set reminders
  2. Commit to daily reflection/journaling & accountability
  3. We’ll modify our method as we learn about these techniques, so be ready to adapt
  4. Weekly reviews!

Don’t forget to read this article on choosing what you’ll study in your challenge.