So you’re getting started with the Unprocrastination Challenge, and you want to make sure your daily sessions are pure fun and awesomeness.

That’s amazing — just don’t let the tweaking and perfectionism get in the way of the doing!

That said, this is a short guide to making your sessions as awesome as possible.

  1. Make your Unprocrastination List ahead of time. Don’t wait until it’s time to start your Unprocrastination Session before you start making your list. The key to an awesome session is preparation! Make a list (just use a text document) of the things you’ve been putting off for some time. What emails are sitting in your inbox that have a task (or two) in them that you haven’t done? What important work tasks or projects have you been putting off? What financial tasks do you need to get started on? What home chores, projects or errands do you need to get moving on? What writing tasks do you need to get done? Who have you been putting off calling or responding to? Make a list, and most importantly — put it in order of importance! You need to start at the top and work down, without skipping.
  2. Don’t forget to set up your reminders. Again, set these up ahead of time. A daily phone and calendar reminder for the time of day you want to do the session. And a visual reminder, like a written note, where you won’t miss it (on your laptop, for example). You don’t want your excuse to be, “I forgot.” It should be more like, “The gods crushed the island I was on and I had to swim for the mainland, and while I composed the chapter in my head as I swam, a lightning bolt hit me and gave me memory loss.”
  3. Find a good space, and clear it ahead of time. A good space might be your work space. But you might also find a good coffee shop, or a nice spot in your living room, bedroom or back patio. Somewhere you can do your work without interruptions. Clear distractions, including shutting off the wifi and your phone, before you start.
  4. Set up a good playlist, and get your headphones ready. I have a “writing playlist,” for example. Music makes it more enjoyable. I like to have some tea sometimes too. It’s lovely.
  5. Set an intention, just before you set your timer. As you’re about to start, take a brief moment to set an intention. It could be as simple as, “Do this task out of love for my audience (or team or family or community).” Or, “Help the world be more loving with this art I’m creating.” Or, “Be mindful as I sweep the kitchen.”
  6. Set your timer, and pour yourself into it with devotion. Now set your timer for 20 minutes. If that’s too hard, do 10 or 15. Pour yourself completely into the task, fully devoted to it and those who you are serving, fully devoted to your intention.
  7. Notice resistance but don’t give in. You might feel the temptation to put off starting, or to switch once you’ve started. This is resistance. It comes from uncertainty. It’s not a problem, just a part of the experience. Don’t give in the resistance, don’t switch to something else. Just feel it. Just be with it, be gentle with it, be curious about it, without needing to follow it.
  8. Enjoy yourself. Smile as you do your task. See the joy in it. Have fun, let it be play!
  9. Close with gratitude. As your timer goes off, assuming you aren’t moved to keep going, close the session with a short moment of gratitude to yourself for pushing into the discomfort and doing this loving training.

At this point, you can share you success with others if you feel moved to do so! Or do another session after a short break. If you completed the task, cross it off your list with satisfaction, and move on to the next.

Congratulations on your awesome session!