We’re starting Week 2 of our Beautiful Mornings Challenge, and this week is about just continuing our gradual change.

But it’s also about savoring the time you’ve created for yourself in the morning.

So the instructions for Week 2 are simple: You pick a second thing to do in the morning, and wake up a little earlier than last week. As before, wake just 5-10 minutes earlier, and ease into it. Pick another small task. Now are (possibly) waking 10-20 minutes earlier each day, and doing two small tasks.

Pick something simple to do, that you can enjoy and that will give you a sense of mindfulness, quiet, and gratitude in this soft, tender morning space.

Be gradual about how you transition to waking earlier — just 5-10 minutes earlier than last week. But if you have been struggling with that, then you don’t even need to wake earlier this week — just wake at the same time you were aiming for last week. Make your two morning tasks even smaller, in that case: just micro versions of what you’d like to do, just to get started.

Beyond these simple instructions, there’s something you can practice this week as well: Savor the deliciousness of this morning space.

Savor the Deliciousness of Mornings

In this small morning space you’ve created, I highly suggest you don’t allow yourself to be connected by phone, tablet or computer. Don’t go online, don’t check messages or email.

Let this space be a time of disconnection, of solitude and quietude.

And savor this beautiful time that you are creating for yourself. It’s an incredible treat, a luxurious gift, this solitude. We don’t often get this kind of space, and you’ve just gone and created it out of nothing!

It is delicious. Quiet, when the world is just waking up, when the light is soft and tentative, when the day is just tenuously deciding what it might be. This is a time of emergence, of possibilities, of contemplation of meaning.

Savor it, as you might an incredibly rich cup of coffee or bowl of berries. Be fully present with it, noticing the particular flavor of this morning, the particular quality of the the light seeping in, the specific tender feeling in your heart right now.

Fall in love with this space, and you will be hooked.

A Few Tips for This Challenge

Some tips for those who might be having some problems: