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In this lesson we discuss how to continue your progress with the creative habit as we wrap up.

So first, please take a minute to reflect on how the habit has gone for you … if it’s gone well, celebrate that fact! If it hasn’t, what has gotten in the way? What resistance have you struggled with? Be honest with yourself.

Have you made progress with your skills? Progress with a project? Have seen beautiful things come out of your efforts? If not, are you proud of your effort?

Reflect on  your intention for this habit. How has the intention manifested in your daily habit? Have you had some success, have you struggled with it, have you forgotten about it? Can you reconnect with it? Is this intention worth doing every single day?

If so, do you want to continue with the habit? Are you building something meaningful? Are you working on skills you want to continue to build? Are you expressing yourself in a way you’d like to continue with? Is there self-reflection you’d like to continue?

If so, let’s carry this forward!

If you’ve struggled with the habit, consider starting or putting some focus into the habit.

If you’ve done really well, continue the habit. Perhaps add some accountability and do it for the rest of the year. Ask others to hold you accountable, promise to report back to them regularly.

Or share your work with others and promise to continue to share it regularly with them.

If you’ve struggled, shrink the habit as small as you can (even just a minute a day) and reduce the friction of doing it.

See if you can expand your sources of inspiration. Get people to give you feedback. See if you can expand the skills and techniques you’ve been learning. Look for new materials online or in books, expand the range of what you’re learning. Push your boundaries a bit.

Find what beauty you’ve found doing this habit, and carry that forward in some way.

And thanks for doing this course with me.


Reflect on the above questions, and think about how you’d like to continue.

Discuss it in Slack.