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In this lesson, I interviewed simple cooking expert Dana of Minimalist Baker, a site that my wife Eva and I both love. We’ve cooked a couple dozen of their simple recipes, which are delicious, easy to cook, and pretty much all plant-based. She is the author of 31 Meals Cookbook and co-creator of The Food Photography School and the Essentials of Building a Great Food Blog Course. She’s also an exercise enthusiast, green smoothie addict, and aspiring wine and coffee aficionado.

In the interview, Dana and I discussed:

Dana and John have a fantastic new cookbook coming out, which I highly recommend: Everyday Cooking.

Some recipes I mentioned in the interview above:

Watch it, Dana is great!


Joyfully explore a new method of cooking this coming week, at least once. Or two or three times, if you can!

Find a good online video tutorial on the cooking skill you want to explore.

Depending on your level of cooking knowledge/skills, you might try:

These are just some ideas … if you know all these, try something new!

There are so many recipes online, but here are some of my faves: