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In this lesson, I talk about how I changed my life to make space for what was most important to me. And how you can take time to create that space yourself.

We can create space in our lives:

  1. Time: If we don’t have time for what’s important, we have to start carving out that time by blocking off time for the important things and saying no to everything else. This might be a longer process, where you have to get out of prior commitments or even make drastic changes if necessary.
  2. Physical space: If you want to make room in your home or office for something you love doing, clear away the clutter and dedicate even a small space to that activity.
  3. Money: We might think we don’t have enough money for, say, travel … but it’s often a matter of priorities. By cutting back on everything else, we can save our money for what we love most.

I’m not saying this is an easy process. It takes work and motivation. But it can be done, over time, if you start devoting yourself to it today.