Let’s talk briefly about the gratitude practice for this month’s challenge.

OK … so gratitude is a great thing … but are you trying to be grateful all the time? No, that’s too difficult a habit, because none of us can remember to do that all the time.

We build up to having gratitude throughout our day, by starting small. We just do a small daily habit, either in the morning or evening (you have to choose one). And with that, we build a foundation.

So the habit is this: during your 5-minute gratitude & letting go session during your morning (or evening), take a minute to reflect on what you’re grateful for.

Think about the things and people in your life that have given you happiness, sustenance, love, support, joy.

For example, many of us will have things to be grateful for such as:

And so on.

Think through these each day, and try to feel genuine gratitude in your heart for them. You’re working a gratitude muscle that will help you through many things.