By Leo Babauta

Today we’re going to take a very simple step: pick an area to start with.

But first, if you haven’t done the first two steps yet, please do them now: get started with Why, and set aside time. I’ll wait while you do that.

Now I’d like you to simply pick an area to start with today, and if you have time, start decluttering it. You don’t have to finish decluttering it, just start.

How do you pick an area to start with? Ideally it:

Note that you can pick a place in your office or workspace, or in your home. It doesn’t really matter where you’ll start, because you’ll have lots of time this month and beyond to get to everything!

Advanced Declutterers

If you’re an advanced declutterer, feel free to pick a challenging area you didn’t get to last time. The papers of your desk, a pile of bills, the garage or attic, a bedroom or hall closet. There’s no need to start with a challenging area unless you don’t have any easy areas left.