OK, let’s jump into our Declutter Challenge!

So how shall we start this challenge? Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Pick an area to focus on decluttering for the next 7 days. (Ideas: kitchen counters, dining table, floor of your living room or bedroom, one area in your closet, a or your dresser drawers.)
  2. Set up some way to remember. I suggest a daily reminder on your phone, plus a note somewhere you won’t miss. Bonus: tell someone you’ll text them after you’re done each day, or you owe them $20!
  3. Every day, spend at least 5 minutes decluttering that area. Just start at one end of the area, pick up an item and consider it, and sort it into “Keep and love” or “Letting go of”. Find a permanent home for the keep & love stuff, and put the rest into a box for donation/recycling. One thing at a time. Try not to waffle!

But before you get started on that, I’d like you to consider your motivations.

Motivations for Decluttering

So what are your motivations? Here are some possibilities (you can choose more than one):

There are other possibilities, but it’s good to consider your motivation, so that your Why can be kept front and center as you go through this challenge. If you don’t keep it at the forefront, you’ll easily drop the challenge partway through.

So what are your motivations?

  1. Write them down and put the note somewhere you’ll see it.
  2. Pick an area to start with for the next 7 days.
  3. Set your reminders.
  4. Get going each day!