The basic practice of this course will be a daily, timed decluttering session.

That’s exactly what it sounds like:

This is a mindfulness practice, and it’s about staying with whatever piece of your life you choose to practice with today.

It’s about examining this small space of your life, and considering what’s important, what is necessary, what you can clear out to make more space.

This can be applied to a countertop, a part of a floor, a shelf or drawer, a part of a closet, your email inbox, a folder in your computer, your todo list, anything.

Choose one area to focus on and spend your 10-minute session just clearing it out, deliberately and consciously.

Whole-Hearted Practice

How do you practice with all of your heart? You stay present, instead of running from the things you want to put off.

You make decisions about what to keep based on love, rather than fear.

You practice mindfulness, noticing when fear, frustration, uncertainty, discomfort, overwhelm, or feelings of loss come up.

You stay in the present moment, with whatever physical sensations come in from your environment.

You do one thing at a time, instead of letting distractions or fear pull you away with the session.

How to Declutter

It’s simple. Pick a space to declutter, just a small space, even just part of a shelf or countertop or floor.

Then try this:

You can also create a “Maybe box” for things you’re on the fence with, and put that box in your garage or somewhere out of sight, and look it again in after a few months. This helps allay the fears.

In the end, it’s only 10 minutes. You can do this, so it feels safe, instead of too scary or overwhelming.

Watch this video for more on the method:


OK, it’s time to do your first session!

  1. Pick a flat surface to start with — part of a countertop, tabletop, shelf, floor.
  2. Set a timer for 10 minutes.
  3. Mindfully declutter the space as outlined above