By Leo Babauta

As we are now in Week 3 of our Courageous Self-Discipline Challenge … there’s a good chance that a pattern has emerged for you. That’s good news!

This week, we’ll bring a sense of play to working with that pattern.

Some patterns you might have noticed:

These are some of the most important patterns, ones we talked about in the webinar.

So how do we work with these? We turn them into play!

Playing with Your Pattern

Once you’ve become aware of the pattern — and it’s important to be very honest with yourself, don’t kid yourself — then you might try playing with the pattern.

That means to bring a sense of play, fun, joy, child-like wonder and curiosity to the pattern.

For example:

These are not the limits of play — I challenge you to find a way to play with your pattern! Bring in other people, challenges, music, dancing, games, exploration, curiosity, fun!

The idea is not just to play, but to play with the pattern, as if it were a playmate. It’s not an enemy, it’s a dance partner.

And then see if the play can help you shift the pattern. Loosen it up. Make it not so urgent, strong, or hardened.

Please try it this week and report in the #discipline-challenge channel and with your team, letting them know how you’re playing and how it’s going.