We asked our friend Paul Foxton, artist and creator of Learning to See, to create some video guides for those of you who are drawing or painting for your Create Daily habit.

Paul hit a home run with these videos! We’re so excited to share them with you.

Intro: Drawing is for everyone

In this brief introduction, Paul gets us into the right state of mind, gives us permission to be messy, and shares what gets in our way:

First exercise: Breathing lines

Paul shares a wonderful exercise that gets our pencils moving, helps us practice mindfulness, and gets us into a state of focus:

Second exercise: Mandala drawing

In this great exercise, Paul shares a way to create patterns that open up our creativity and sense of design. It’s another kind of meditation, and can be done very simply:

Third exercise: Nature contour drawing

This next exercise is about looking, and is incredibly useful:

Read more from Paul at his site Learning to See.