It’s easy to go into a habit like decluttering with the mindset of getting it done, trying to rush through it so you can get to the next thing in your day.

That’s a mistake.

Treat the decluttering sessions as a nice break in your day. They are a reward in and of themselves.

Slow down, and practice mindfulness. Feel your breath as you declutter, feel the weight and texture of the objects you’re decluttering, feel the light and sound and tactileness of the space you’re in.

Consider each item, briefly, for the contribution it has made to your life. Think about its lifecycle, the materials that were made from natural resources in different parts of the world, assembled by workers, transported and sold to you (or to whoever gifted it to you), now ready to be tossed out. It’s OK to toss it out, but it’s good to consider this lifecycle so we’ll be more mindful of future consumption.

Give thanks to each item in your pile. Thanks to the people who gave it to you, who made it and were involved in it coming into your life. Thanks for being alive to be able to consider all of this.

Smile as you declutter. Have fun, make it a game. Play some music.

Enjoy the process, and you’ll look forward to it each day.