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In this lesson, I talk about the most important moment, and how to put your entire being into that moment.

We’re going to treat the initial moment of the Create Daily Habit as the most important moment of the universe. This is the moment when we sit down, have a blank page in front of us, and start writing the first few words. Just this one moment of starting.

This is the moment I’d like you to focus on this week, and in fact you can continue that focus (and expand upon it) for the rest of this course. For this week, keep that foremost in your mind: just getting started.

When we put off doing the Create Daily Habit, a big reason we put it off is because it’s not something that just takes a minute — it’s something we have to focus on, put effort into, there might be a lot of uncertainty about it, it might feel overwhelming. A lot of things are piled onto the task of sitting down and creating. But we’re going to put all of that aside, and just focus on this first step of getting started. That’s because this is the most important step of the entire habit — just starting.

It doesn’t take a long time — it’s just the start. You can do it quickly, get it over with, and just stop there if you want. But the next step, of just continuing a little bit, is also not that hard. You don’t have to continue, though. Just get started.

Relieve the pressure on yourself to do a lot of work, to do a great job, to be completely focused for half an hour … all you have to do is get started.

As you practice that, you learn to really pour yourself into that one moment. This is an amazing thing to practice, because it’s something you can apply to other areas of the Create Daily Habit, and in other areas of your life.

As you get started, you might also bring the intention of your heart to the start of the practice. Think of this one small moment of getting started as a way to express yourself, a way to express your love for yourself and others. Whatever your intention is with the Create Daily Habit, pour that into the moment of starting.


Practice putting all of your focus into the starting moment of your Create Daily Habit:

See how this goes, and discuss it in Slack.