By Leo Babauta

We’ve talked about a small daily habit we’re going to focus on for our Gratitude Habit module … today I’d like you to take a couple first steps to getting started.

First, read the previous article on the Small Daily Habit if you haven’t yet. In that, I asked you to take an action: make a commitment. If you haven’t done that, you should do that as your first step. Don’t skip it!

OK, now there are just a couple tiny steps you should take today to get started tomorrow:

  1. Decide whether you want to do it in the morning or evening. I recommend morning if you’ve already been working on a morning habit.
  2. Pick a trigger that you already do every morning — it could be the morning habit you’ve been working on, or perhaps something like waking up, brushing your teeth, opening your computer, eating breakfast, taking a shower.
  3. Set up a note near where this trigger happens — on your bathroom mirror if the trigger is brushing your teeth, next to your bed if the trigger is waking up, on your cereal bowl if the trigger is breakfast.

OK, that’s it! Pick a time, pick a trigger, write a note. You can do that today!

And with that, I recommend you start the habit tomorrow: just think about what you’re grateful for, and perhaps write it down if you’re so inclined. Or just meditate on it.

Best of luck — I’m grateful you’re here.