As we discussed in the Healthy Eating Habit Overview, we’re going to take a gradual approach during this challenge, with small changes.

This approach works whether you have lots of change to make (like I did in 2005, when I was really unhealthy) … or if you’re already pretty healthy but just have a few things you’d like to improve.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Pick one small, easy change from the lists below to start with.
  2. Make a simple habit plan to stick to that habit this week.
  3. At the end of the week, review how your change went. If you had obstacles, come up with a possible solution and add it to your habit plan.
  4. If you did well by the end of the week, pick a 2nd habit to try for the next week. If you didn’t do well, either make an adjustment and try the same change, or pick another change you think will be easier.

And we’ll repeat this process each week this month.

The Lists of Small Changes

I can’t possibly come up with an exhaustive list of healthy eating changes you might make, but here’s a series of lists to get you started. You should feel free to make other changes, but just don’t do anything too big.

The main criteria for picking one of these changes are these: 1) does the change seem both healthy and enjoyable? and 2) does it seem easy?

If you say yes to all of that, then it’s a great pick. If it seems easy but not necessarily enjoyable, that’s still OK.

1. Adding healthy things:

2. Changing your approach:

3. Cutting out unhealthy things (look at what you do now, and set a target that’s lower):

4. Vegan stuff (a few people asked for some suggestions):

As I said, this list isn’t exhaustive, nor is every change listed above for everyone. Find changes that feel right to you, as I know not everyone agrees with everything I’ve listed.