This final week, I’m challenging you to adjust & fine tune your healthy meal pattern.

Let’s fine tune our healthy meals machine. That will mean different things to different people: either 1) adjusting if you’re not doing one of the earlier weeks’ meals consistently, or 2) adjusting what you eat and drink outside of these three meals.

I suggest picking one or two of these areas this week to focus on, depending on what’s relevant to you:

Obviously you don’t need to do all of these, but I believe that changing some of these areas would make most of our diets healthier. If you’re already doing all of these, then great! But most of us have a few of these areas we could adjust.

The idea is not to get to perfection — it’s to make adjustments each week (including beyond this month) that will continue to make us healthier. Less of the unhealthy stuff, more of the nutritious stuff. More nutrients, less empty calories. More fiber, less processed stuff. Over time, our bodies will become fine-tuned machines, radiantly healthy.

Pick 1-2 of the changes above, commit to doing them this week, and set reminders!