Having trouble logging in or registering? Read the instructions below, and if that doesn’t help, you can always email Leo & his Help Monks at [email protected].

1. Help Monk, how do I register?

A: You should find the “7-Day Trial” button on the home page.

2. I can’t log in!

A: There’s a login menu at the top of the Sea Change website — try clicking that and then logging in. When you’re logged in, try going to the Members home page.

If the login box isn’t coming up for you, this is probably a browser cache issue. Please try clearing both the cache and the cookies in your browser (instructions for Google Chrome).

If that doesn’t work, get in touch … we’ll do our best to figure out the problem.

3. How do I cancel my subscription?

A: You can cancel anytime on your account page. It’s a little non-obvious, but what you want to do is go the account page, and then click on the “Subscriptions” tab. You will see your Sea Change plan listed. Underneath that just click on “Turn off auto-renew”. That will cancel your subscription on your next renewal date, and will ensure that you don’t get charged again.

NOTE: If you have been paying through Paypal (you registered more three years ago), you’ll probably need to cancel your recurring subscription via Paypal (instructions).

4. Where do I find the bonuses?

A: Go to your account page and hit the Downloads tab.

6. How do I change my credit card information, my email or change my password?

A: Go to your account page. There’s a link to change your credit card info, and fields to update your email or password.

7: I didn’t receive the confirmation email, now what?

A: If you were able to register but never received the confirmation email, please check your Promotions, Bulk and/or Spam folders. The confirmation email should be titled “Confirm Your Membership”.

8: When I try to reset my password, the email box just turns red and nothing happens!

A: It seems you’re using the wrong email — you probably signed up with a different email. Please try an alternate email you might have signed up with, but if you can’t figure it out, please contact us with your info (first & last name).