December community challenge:

Sacred Bow

This is a process of consciously & gratefully closing out the past year, and intentionally entering the new year.

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Previous webinar recordings are on each of the challenge pages.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I’m starting Sea Change mid month?

Check out this article What if I’m Starting Sea Change Mid-Month

Q: How do I join the live webinars?

The live webinars are held using the “Zoom” software. On your laptop or PC, just click the link (just farther up on this page, in the webinar section) and you’ll be brought right in. On your mobile phone, you need to first install the app, you can find it in the Google Play Store or the iPhone App Store. Then clicking the link will bring you into the webinar.

Q: How do I find the dates of upcoming webinars?

Farther up on this page you will find information about the next upcoming webinar – the time & date. You will also find a link for “Add to my Calendar” – this will show you all the dates of the upcoming webinars, and importantly -it also offers you the ability to automatically add them to your calendar, whether you use Apple, Google or Microsoft calendars. We recommend you do this so you can relax and won’t have to worry about missing any webinars!

Q: Where can I find the recordings of previous webinars?

The recording of the most recent webinar is available in webinar section farther up this page.

You can find all the other previous webinars in the dedicated webinar section on each Challenge page. Each page has the most recent recorded webinar relevant to that challenge – for example the Awesome Finances challenge page contains the webinar related to Finances, the Relationships challenge page contains the webinar that focused on relationships, etc.

Q: How can I find out which challenges are being run in which month?

On the CHALLENGES LIBRARY page you will find a section that has the challenge calendar, and links to all the challenges run this year.

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